Inquiries: Prospecting

Do you dream of world conquest? We can help make your dreams into reality, here’s how.

We conceptualize and execute prospecting campaigns (covering target research, initial outreach, and presales dialogue) on behalf of companies looking to access opportunities in distant markets.

In most cases (generally, unless they opt for a different commercial model), our clients are charged a fixed fee for each qualified prospect that expresses interest in their offerings as a result of our efforts, thus, they only pay for the results they get, in terms of actionable opportunities.

Engagements are generally commitment free, and billing is package based; however, as mentioned above, other commercial models are also available to our clients, including end-of-month billing with a fixed commitment term, either on a per-lead-generated (by Nationless, per the above qualification criteria) model, or a per-hour-worked (by our team, per prior planning) model; in line with their preferences.

Should you be interested in working with us, or wish to set up a call for further discussion, please fill in our external inquiry form for prospecting, or contact us. To learn more about us and the other services we offer, please visit our other pages.