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We believe in art. Though its intrinsic value is timeless, the digital and informational disruption in the market sets a different forecast. A new set of demiurges, empowered by digital technologies, have begun a digital revolution. The contemporary art market is characterized by globalization, remote access, interconnectivity, and tech enablement.

From new information technologies and collection management systems to virtual reality galleries and blockchain; the art market has been altered forever.

We offer digital marketing solutions, which are: market research, branding, website development, SEO, and consultation to artists who seek to expand their market in globalized and niche borderless markets.

We know how to make it happen. Our service is private, personable, and tailored to our client-specific needs.

Don’t be shy. Reach out.

Inquiries: Prospecting

So you’d like to learn more about how we can help you conquer the world?

We conceptualize and execute prospecting campaigns (covering target research, initial outreach, and presales dialogue) on behalf of technology companies looking to access opportunities in distant markets. Our clients are charged a fixed fee for each qualified prospect that express interest in their offerings as a result of our efforts, thus, they only pay for the results they get, in terms of actionable opportunities. Should you be interested in working with us, or wish to set up a call for further discussion, please fill in the external inquiry form. To learn more about us and the other services we offer, please visit our other pages.

2022 Annual Meetup: Yerevan

Starting in 2022, I will be hosting an annual meetup intended to connect all friends of Nationless in a single setting, with the first annual meetup planned for Yerevan, the Armenian capital, over the course of three days in the autumn of that year.

Beyond clients who wish to attend, myself, and members of my team; I will be inviting a handful of other people from around the world within the realms of technology, art and literature, trade, and avant-garde philosophy. In a nutshell, it will be something of a temporary global village, connecting in one place likeminded people from all corners of the globe passionate about the world of the future; and hopefully, it will be a lot of fun.

The annual meetup will be quite casual in nature with the number of attendees remaining small yet substantial; taking place at three different venues around Yerevan, a new one for each day, likely incorporating an art gallery, an underground live music venue, and a day retreat outside the city.

I chose Yerevan due to it’s central location between Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Orient; easy to access both in terms of average travel time across our group and in terms of visa requirements. Likewise, Yerevan is a beautiful city that happens to be in close proximity to the historical Silk Road, the aesthetics and significance of which I’m quite fond of given the focus of my work; connecting people of the world.

As a bit of background, since the establishment of my business, I’ve made a point to visit all of my major clients in person at least once per year wherever they happen to be in the world should it be feasible to do so. Saying this, I feel that in the future, particularly in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, it might make sense to have most of those meetings in a single event incorporating a strong sense of community, as well as a motif which goes beyond business, into society and culture.

The aim for me will be to have a meetup every year post-2022, likely in a different city each time with similar characteristics.

While this post will be updated closer to the event once the agenda is set and more details become available; should you be interested in attending, please reach out to me.