I founded Nationless in 2017 with influence from Avègen, my prior business, roughly a year after I established myself in Asia (originally I’m from Vancouver, which in the burning youthful pursuit of adventure in distant lands, I abruptly left one day, never to return); with the main premise of my business both then and now being connecting companies with opportunities in distant markets relative to their native region.

Today, you can usually find me in Bangkok, which is where I personally live, and where Nationless is now based (we relocated from Taipei in mid-2021; citing a desire for added spice and greater freedom to grow); though I’m often elsewhere in the world, uniting the people of one place with the next, one engagement at a time. Feel free to check out my personal website, should you wish to learn more about me, reach out, or set up a time to connect.

Initially, our line of business solely involved conducting demand generation operations on behalf of our clients within the markets they wished to target; this remaining by far the main focus of our business to this date (and what we’re by far the most well-known for). This being said, more recently in a bid to better serve our clients’ needs, we’ve also started offering an increasingly comprehensive range of services, all nonetheless related to distant market access, or perhaps more thematically, world conquest.

I direct and play a major active role in all of the client engagements we handle as a company, with individual aspects of service delivery variously performed by my team of specialists as per my delegation; four strong as of mid-2022.

Etymologically, the name “Nationless” refers to the concept of a community of like-minded people united by common ideals and pursuits rather than nationality, in other words, a world village.

Note: Since February 2023, Nationless has been closed.

— Grant Caldwell