I founded Nationless in 2017 as Grant Caldwell Solutions, roughly a year after I first moved to Asia; with the main premise being connecting companies with opportunities in distant markets, namely Asia and North America; incorporating elements of my prior business, Avègen, as well. Today, you can usually find me in Bangkok, which is where I now live, having recently relocated from Taipei; though I’m often elsewhere in the world, uniting the people of one place with the next, one project at a time. Originally, I’m from Vancouver. Feel free to check out my personal website, should you wish to learn more about me, reach out, or book a meeting.

Initially, the focus of my business was solely on conducting prospecting campaigns on behalf of my clients within the markets they wished to target; this remaining a key focus area of Nationless to this date, now among a broad range of services currently on offer related to distant market access, primarily delivered by me, and in some cases, my small team of specialists as well.

Etymologically, the name “Nationless” refers to the concept of a community of likeminded people united by common ideals and pursuits rather than nationality, in other words, a global village.

— Grant Caldwell